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Christophe Eggmann

Christophe Eggmann is Portfolio Manager of the GAM Health Innovation Fund.

Prior to joining GAM Group in November 2010, he was Head of Equity Research at Julius Baer and equity analyst covering the global healthcare sector. Prior to that, he held various positions as a fund manager and equity analyst at Bank Hofmann, Rothschild Bank and Credit Suisse. Christophe Eggmann holds a Master in Business Administration and Economics from the University of Neuchâtel and is a CFA Charterholder. He is based in Zurich.

  • 2018-outlook-icon

    12 December 2017

    2018 Outlook – The Merits of Active Management

    GAM’s investment experts share insights on how active management adds value in their specialist fields.

  • science_and_economists_icon

    02 June 2017

    Biopharma Investment Cycle: Expansion Phase Still in Its Early Innings

    Unlocking the secrets of the human genome at the turn of the millennium ushered in a transformative era in drug discovery. Christophe Eggmann looks forward to the next potentially lucrative stage of the secular biopharma investment cycle.

  • all-hail-king-carry-icon

    10 January 2017

    2017 Outlook – Contrarian Trades

    A number of major political and economic events shaped financial markets in 2016, forcing investors to navigate a landscape of heightened volatility. But with uncertainty likely to continue through 2017, GAM’s investment managers have identified some unique investment opportunities that go against the grain.

  • 5-things-to-watch-icon

    05 January 2017

    2017 Outlook – Key Events

    With so much happening in parallel across political, economic and financial landscapes, it seems daunting to try to identify the one event that shaped 2016. In the following short statements, our investment experts share their predictions on which events will prove pivotal in 2017.

  • tighter_monetary_policy_icon

    19 December 2016

    2017 Outlook – The Investment Themes to Watch

    2016 was a year of erratic markets and geopolitical shocks that sent fundamentals into the shadows. Bourses moved on speculation and surprise, challenging market participants. GAM’s investment experts put forward their key themes for the year ahead.

  • heathcare-2017-the-postelection-comeback-icon

    15 December 2016

    Healthcare 2017: The Postelection Comeback

    Given an environment conducive to merger and acquisition (M&A) activity, Christophe Eggman, investment director for healthcare equities, looks ahead to 2017 and beyond with a sense of optimism.

  • biopharma_icon

    12 July 2016

    Pharma: Healthy Returns Ahead

    After a challenging nine months, healthcare investors can look forward to a turnaround in the sector’s fortunes. Christophe Eggmann, investment director for healthcare equities, explains why the sector is set up for a successful second half with plenty of opportunities in biopharma.

  • icon_drugs

    23 October 2015

    Drug pricing threat?

    Christophe Eggmann, Investment Director, comments on whether the current drug pricing discussions in the US change his views on healthcare stocks.

  • eggmann

    15 June 2015

    Cancer immunotherapy – Turning cancer into a chronic disease

    Christophe Eggmann, Investment Director, responsible for GAM’s health innovation strategies explains why cancer immunotherapy is considered a quantum leap in cancer patient survival and has the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment.

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