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Meet our current trainees
Josh Voller - Quants

Your role and your everyday tasks and responsibilities?
I work within the Quantitative Analysis – Equities and GAM Systematic team, the department covers a wide range of tasks from producing market risk numbers and modelling risk to assisting with client requests and carrying out projects for fund managers.

Josh Voller

Day to day I assist the team with the production of daily regulatory numbers such as value at risk and derivatives exposures including investigating the cause behind any changes. Every month we produce risk reports for GAM funds that we cover and here I assist with the data collection and management that is needed for the production of accurate numbers. On a more ad-hoc basis I help respond to requests from both existing and prospective clients for market risk information, and work on projects to help the team with our responsibilities such as automating manual processes using Python.

What you enjoy about your job and GAM?
One of the best parts of my job is the exposure that I get to a wide variety of statistical techniques, funds, financial instruments and the methods used to model their price and risk. This combined with the knowledge and experience of my team and their willingness to share this with me, means that every day I am learning something new. This culture is evident throughout GAM where everyone I have met is willing to share their knowledge and help out where possible.

Why you applied?
The Investment2020 scheme seemed like a good path into the ever more competitive investment management industry providing the opportunity to graduates to gain real experience. I applied to GAM because of the uniqueness of the role within a Quant department; with my background of mathematics at university the chance to come straight into a department like this was an opportunity that I didn’t want to miss.

The skills you have learnt? 
Some of the main skills I’ve learnt so far would be statistical modelling techniques such as the Kupiec test, VaR models, practical use of regression; a deeper knowledge of investment strategies, the instruments used and modelling the risk of these; technical skills such as coding in R and Python; and many soft skills through interacting with other GAM staff and my team.

Future aspirations?
It’s hard to say this early on exactly what my future aspirations are but staying on the quant side of the industry is definitely what I am interested in, and so I want to keep learning as much as possible and developing my skills and see where it takes me!

Oliver Bradbury – Legal, Compliance & Risk

I am a trainee in Legal and Risk with Cantab, part of GAM Systematic. As part of my role I help to shape firm policies needing for incoming regulation, assist with considering risk on a firm-wide basis and also have a strong emphasis on learning in the role about all parts of the firm’s operations.

Oliver Bradbury

I really enjoy the access I get to whole product lifecycle at a smaller company and the opportunities to learn that I am given. I applied as a school leaver interested in law, the financial world and business in general; taking this opportunity has allowed me to explore multiple areas of each interest and narrow down my future choices for university study and career progression.

Furthermore I have quickly improved my analytical thinking and reading, time management and communication skills, all which I will heavily utilise at university. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first few months within the wider GAM group and the social aspect of Cantab has certainly been a highlight.

Razvan Druga - Group Business Finance Team

Your role and your everyday tasks and responsibilities?
My role is based within The Group Business Finance team which is responsible for providing management information and analysis to key stakeholders such as the CEO, CFO as well as other functions within the wider company.

Razvan Druga

My responsibilities vary and I always get the opportunity to work on new tasks and projects, I assist the Finance Business Partner and provide support to the department’s activities, which involves assisting with the production of management reporting and analysis. I am also responsible for producing the quarterly Investment Management dashboard and margins reports and improve them into a more efficient and automated process. On monthly basis responsibilities can vary from assisting in the data cleansing of transactions to preparing flash results and producing ad-hoc analysis.

What you’re enjoying about your job and GAM?
I enjoy having the opportunity to work at GAM and in my current team because it always offers the opportunity to work on new tasks and projects. Furthermore, it enables me to meet new people, learn about different parts of the business and benefit from on-the-job training.

The skills you have learnt?
I have developed an analytical approach to solving problems and advanced my financial modelling skills through on-the-job and external training. Furthermore, being able to take part in different meetings and liaising with key members of the business has also enabled me to enhance my soft skills such as communication, teamwork and self-motivation.

Callum Clements – Facilities

I am a trainee in the facilities department. So far my involvement within GAM has seen me attending meetings regarding the company’s relocation to 8 Finsbury Circus, working on the environmental side of GAM’s corporate social responsibility activity and helping to update my department’s business continuity plan.

Callam Clements

There is a very sociable and communal feel to GAM which is highlighted by the numerous socials that are arranged regularly. I am currently on a placement year from a business management course at The University of Leeds and applied for this particular role as it offered great exposure to the range of functions that operate within businesses.

In a short space of time at the company I have already been trained in several different areas including anti-money laundering, editing GAM’s intranet site and an asset management company’s role in the trading of shares and bonds.

Becky Heard – HR

I am a trainee that works within the Human Resources team, as a team we carry out a variety of tasks and each day involves something new. Since joining the team I have assisted with the recruitment of a variety of roles from helping arrange interviews to updating the system we use for our applications to talking to recruitment agencies.

Becky Heard

A lot of the work I have assisted with is administration for our leavers and joiners, to keep everything running smoothly. I have some on-going tasks such as responding to the emails that come to HR. Alongside this I have been tasked with helping on the Investment2020 Trainee programme within GAM as we come up to the next intake. I have been able to give my input into the programme and over the year I will be able to follow the entire process. As part of this I have also been to external meetings regarding Investment2020 which has allowed me to meet others in HR from alternative companies.

I love my job and although it can be challenging it’s rewarding, I am constantly learning something new and no day is the same which means it never gets boring! It is real hands on experience and I have learnt things I never would be able to in a classroom. I enjoy that at GAM everyone is so friendly and willing to help you and my team is also exceptionally helpful and are always willing to answer my many questions.

The Investment2020 scheme is such an amazing opportunity to get real experience and get your foot in the door. It also offers you the opportunity to gain a qualification as well, I am going to be studying towards my CIPD. It has given me the opportunity to develop my skills in time management and communication whilst also learning new skills. I hope to continue to develop and learn as much as possible over the next year by taking in as much as possible from those around me.

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