Fixed Income Panel: Credit where credit is due

On Demand : Wednesday 29 September 2021

GAM Investments presents – Fixed Income Panel: Credit where credit is due.

Credit assets have been among the most popular and rewarding investment themes since the run-off of the global financial crisis. But with spreads and underlying yield curves pricing today near historic lows – at least in core credit markets – has the asset class run its course? Or are there still overlooked pockets of value available offering potentially attractive returns and portfolio diversification benefits? 

Join us for a lively and interactive exchange of insights and ideas across corporate, sovereign and structured credit markets with GAM’s fixed income experts Casey Goldmann, Investment Manager, Global Corporate High Yield, Richard Briggs, Investment Manager, Emerging Markets Hard Currency Debt and Tom Mansley, Investment Director, Mortgage-Backed Securities.

We look forward to welcoming you to this virtual event where you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Casey Goldmann

Investment Manager

Richard Briggs

Investment Manager

Tom Mansley

Investment Director

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