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GAM Star Credit Opportunities: Unlocking opportunities in subordinated debt

On Demand : 27 June 2024

Grégoire Mivelaz, Portfolio Manager of the GAM Star Credit Opportunities strategy, took us through an in-depth analysis of the European financial sector’s state at the time. This session sheds light on why we are at a pivotal moment, bolstered by robust first-quarter earnings that affirmed the sector's resilience.

Grégoire delved into the potential for high income from investment-grade issuers, coupled with the added benefit of spread tightening, which he believed positioned us at the cusp of significant price appreciation. He also shared the team’s unique approach on how to manage extension risk for AT1 CoCos and how this active management could lead to lower volatility related to this asset class while enhancing returns.

Gregoire Mivelaz

Fund Manager, Atlanticomnium SA
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