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Fraudulent Online Activity - Be Vigilant

Policies and Disclosures

We wanted to draw your attention to a series of sophisticated frauds which are attempting to replicate our website and our brand.

Fake Websites

These fraudulent websites replicate large parts of our website and are attempting to convince investors that they are very similar organisations to GAM Investments. They use very similar layouts to our website and photos of our employees.

These sites are potential investment scams and unrelated to GAM Investments. Our official corporate website is, this is a secure website and has not been compromised by any of this activity.

Phishing Email and Phone Calls

Fraudsters are copying our logo, email templates, including real staff names and referencing our real website and office addresses to offer employment,  then asking for a fee.  GAM has a professional recruitment process in place and would never ask a future employee to pay for a home office set up.

GAM never contacts individuals from generic e-mail addresses (like gmail, Hotmail, yahoo, icloud etc) but only from official e-mail addresses.  


Investment scams are unfortunately becoming increasingly common, please be aware of investment fraud and read the guidance from the FCA, or your local regulator,  on how to protect yourself from scams:

If you have queries or concerns about any marketing or activity that purports to be from GAM Investments please contact us via email at or speak to us by calling +353 (0) 1 609 3927.