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Gianmarco Mondani

Gianmarco Mondani is the Chief Investment Officer of the non-directional equity team, and co-manages developed Europe long and long/short equity funds.

In addition to his role as Chief Investment Officer, he is the Chief Executive Officer as well as a Founding Partner of GAM Investment Management Lugano SA (formerly Arkos Capital SA). He joined GAM following its acquisition of the equity hedge specialist in July 2012. Prior to establishing Arkos in January 2007, he launched and co-managed the current GAM Star (Lux) and offshore fund offering at Banca Arner in Lugano. Before this, he was an assistant director and portfolio manager within the European investment team at Martin Currie Investment Management Limited in Edinburgh. Gianmarco Mondani holds an MA in Investment Analysis from Stirling University, United Kingdom, and a BA (cum laude) in Economics and Business Studies from Genoa University, Italy. He is based in Lugano, Switzerland.

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    A Sustainable Approach to Generating Returns

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