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Jenna Denyes

Dr Jenna Denyes - Senior Healthcare Analyst

Dr Jenna Denyes is a Senior Healthcare Analyst at GAM Investments, based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Prior to joining GAM, she served as a Senior Medical Writer at nspm and a Senior Application Scientist at Andrew Alliance. She completed her PhD at ETH, where she studied microbiology and biochemistry. Her doctoral research included an investigation into the use of viral proteins as affinity molecules for diagnostics. Motivated by her position as a trained molecular biologist with a background in both finance and communication, Jenna has created a summary of currently available information on Covid-19, written for a non-expert audience.

Dr Jenna Denyes

My Insights

Investment Opinions

5 min read

mRNA: The final frontier of genetic medicine
27 January 2021

GAM Investments’ Dr Jenna Denyes discusses the validation of mRNA technology and how it is set to drive the pace of innovation in the genetic medicine space.

Investment Opinions

4 min read

mRNA tech takes a giant leap forward
11 November 2020

GAM Investments’ Dr Jenna Denyes examines the encouraging Covid-19 vaccine news in detail and discusses the possible implications for mRNA therapies and the wider healthcare sector.

Weekly Manager Views

4 min read

Weekly Manager Views: Equities
30 October 2020

At GAM Investments’ latest Equities Meeting, held on 27 October, our managers shared their views on Covid-19 vaccine developments and equity markets globally.

Investment Opinions

4 min read

M&A deals give biotech a shot in the arm
23 October 2020

GAM Investments’ Christophe Eggmann and Jenna Denyes examine the recent uptick in M&A activity in the biotech sector and discuss the importance of identifying innovative companies.