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Dr Jenna Denyes - Healthcare Analyst

Dr Jenna Denyes, Healthcare Analyst, is responsible for scientific analysis of the global healthcare sector and a member of the Healthcare Equity investment team.

Prior to joining GAM Investments in September 2019, Jenna was an Account Manager with, a medical communication consulting company where she managed multiple global pharmaceutical account teams. Prior to this she was an academic researcher focused on bringing advances in genomics and proteomics from the bench top to the market with the development of diagnostic tools. Jenna holds a PhD from the ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and an MSc and BSc Hons from the University of Guelph, Canada. She is based in Zurich.

Dr Jenna Denyes

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Investment Opinions

8 min read

What does the end of a pandemic look like?
26 May 2022

We are moving from Covid-19 being a pandemic into it being endemic. Dr Jenna Denyes, Senior Healthcare Analyst, takes a look at how we can identify whether we have reached the end of the pandemic and what we can expect from here.

Active Thinking

9 min read

Active Thinking
22 February 2022

At GAM Investments’ latest active thinking forum, three of our brightest investment minds discussed an improved outlook for emerging markets equities, the factors influencing the healthcare sector and the bottoming of China’s credit pulse.

Investment Opinions

7 min watch

Healthcare update Part Two: A post-pandemic world
15 December 2021

Dr Jenna Denyes, Senior Healthcare Analyst, discusses what the “new normal” could look like, how the pandemic has reflected on biotech companies and what lessons the world has learned from Covid-19.

Investment Opinions

8 min watch

Healthcare update Part One: Recent developments in Covid-19 treatments
10 December 2021

Dr Jenna Denyes, Senior Healthcare Analyst, discusses the most recent developments in Covid-19 treatments, in particular the likely availability of medication in pill form and the implications for healthcare systems, as well as how pharmaceutical companies were able to develop treatments at such a pace.