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Mark Hawtin

Mark Hawtin - Investment Director

Mark Hawtin, Investment Director, leads the Global Growth Equity team. He is responsible for running global long only and long/short funds investing in the disruptive growth & technology sectors.

Prior to joining GAM Investments in October 2008, he was a partner and portfolio manager with Marshall Wace Asset Management for eight years, managing one of Europe’s largest technology, media and telecoms hedge funds. Mark previously spent seven years at Enskilda Securities, initially as head of sales, before taking responsibility for the international equity business, overseeing pan-European research and trading activities and around a quarter of the investment banking staff. He is based in London.

Mark Hawtin

My Insights

Active Thinking

7 min read

Active Thinking
28 April 2023

At GAM Investments’ latest Active Thinking forum, Mark Hawtin highlights some of the key triggers that could swing the pendulum in favour of growth stocks. He also considers the significance of ChatGPT and the geopolitical situation in China.

Investment Opinions

6 min read

The Disruptive Strategist: Tesla - the Icarus Paradox
19 January 2023

The Icarus paradox, posited by Danny Miller in his 1990 book by the same name, refers to the phenomenon of businesses failing abruptly after a period of apparent success, where this failure is brought about by the very elements that led to their initial success. Mark Hawtin argues that Tesla fits this well as the company’s wings begin to melt after apparently having no bounds in stretching for the sun!

Outlook 2023

3 min read

Outlook 2023: Mark Hawtin (Disruptive Growth Equities)
December 2022

We have long observed that while growth stocks can perform well in periods of rate rises, they tend to perform poorly in periods of heightened uncertainty about the rate and exit level for rates; this was borne out for most of 2022.

Investment Opinions

5 min read

The regulatory crypto conundrum
28 September 2022

Regulation in the cryptocurrency space is a complex subject. Mark Hawtin, Investment Director, sees a number of possible outcomes, but stresses his view that oversight should not be placed exclusively in the hands of regulators.

My Videos

Active Thinking

6:43 min watch

Disruptive Growth – Mark Hawtin
24 April 2023

Mark Hawtin provides a video update on what the mini banking crisis meant for growth stocks in the tech space, why he believes the most disruptive businesses are able to grow through downturns, and the clear bottoming process that is the precursor to putting the pedal down on duration names.

Active Thinking

05:20 min watch

Disruptive Growth – Mark Hawtin
14 February 2023

Mark Hawtin points out that high growth names were punished by uncertainty in 2022, but from a valuation perspective the bar has now been reset and he sees significant upside. He is now looking to identify a turning point for a pickup in growth equities this year.

Active Thinking

04:15 min watch

Disruptive Growth – Mark Hawtin
03 November 2022

Mark Hawtin reviews the difficult environment for growth investors in the third quarter, examines current attractive valuations and considers how the progression of interest rates is likely to affect his asset class.

Active Thinking

4:12 min watch

Disruptive Growth – Mark Hawtin
21 July 2022

Mark Hawtin reflects on previous examples of growth companies hitting troughs before the broader market, and the opportunities this can offer.