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Pieran Maru

Pieran Maru - Investment Analyst

Pieran Maru, Investment Analyst, is responsible for covering software and hardware names in GAM Investments' Disruptive Growth & Technology team.
Pieran joined the team in July 2021 from GAM’s compliance function, where he worked since joining the firm in April 2017. Pieran holds a BA in Materials Science from the University of Oxford, the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) and has passed the CFA Exam Level 1. He is based in London.
Pieran Maru

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Investment Opinions

5 min read

The Disruptive Strategist: The resurgence of NFTs?
16 May 2023

NFTs are beginning to regain popularity, supported by increased competition in the marketplace and well known brands leveraging the technology to build deeper customer relationships. GAM Investments’ Pieran Maru discusses the future of NFTs.

Investment Opinions

6 min read

The Disruptive Strategist - Learnings from California
23 November 2022

Last month, GAM Investments’ David Goodman and Pieran Maru travelled to California, primarily to attend the 2022 Goldman Sachs Communicopia and Technology Conference, showcasing 220 companies.

Investment Opinions

3 min read

The Disruptive Strategist - The perils of stock-based compensation in a downturn
30 August 2022

Gaining traction in the mid-1970s, stock-based compensation was once seen as the golden egg waiting to vest. GAM Investments’ Pieran Maru discusses why there is greater caution around stock-based compensation today and examines some of the challenges associated with it.

Investment Opinions

5 min read

The Disruptive Strategist - Semiconductor shortage: is equilibrium in sight?
06 May 2022

Semiconductors ignited headlines in 2020 with disruptions to supply chains worldwide. Two years in and we continue to see shortages throughout multiple industries – with anticipated normalisation drifting into 2023. Pieran Maru examines the causes, the industries most impacted and the possible path to normalisation of supply.