Swetha Ramachandran

Swetha Ramachandran - Investment Manager

Swetha Ramachandran, Investment Manager, is a member of the Global Growth Equity team and has been responsible for managing the luxury brands equity strategy since March 2019.

She has over 20 years of investment experience across Asian and European markets and in consumer stocks. Prior to joining GAM Investments in September 2012, she was a vice president in the Growth Equities asset management arm of Alliance Bernstein, London, and before that, an analyst at Credit Suisse, London and Vigeo (ESG Ratings Agency), Paris. She began her career as an Asian equity analyst at Goldman Sachs in Singapore. Swetha holds a Magistere in French Literature from Université Paris – Sorbonne, Paris, and a BSc (Hons) in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science, London. She is based in London.

Swetha Ramachandran

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Investment Opinions

8 min read

2022 Outlook
22 December 2021

GAM and partner managers provide their outlook for 2022 for their respective asset classes. They cite energy transition, rising interest rates, the Asian emerging middle class, the strength of the European banking sector, demand / supply imbalance and of course the Omicron variant of Covid-19 as among the things to watch out for in the coming year.

Investment Opinions

7 min read

The luxury of pricing power
17 December 2021

GAM Investments’ Swetha Ramachandran believes premium brands with strong pricing power and a loyal customer base are likely to be among the top performers in an inflationary environment.

Active Thinking

4 min read

Active Thinking
13 December 2021

At GAM Investments’ latest Active Thinking forum, two of our brightest investment minds discussed the recent market selloffs and evolving trends within the luxury sector.

Investment Opinions

10 min read

Digital luxury: a conversation with Tom Meggle – Part Two
01 December 2021

Discussion of the ‘metaverse’ has gone from being a fringe topic to one that is now everywhere. What more vindication of the idea entering mainstream consciousness than Facebook, a near trillion-dollar company, changing its name to Meta? Luxury brands are dipping their toes into this new virtual world. GAM Investments’ Swetha Ramachandran recently discussed the topic with luxury expert Tom Meggle, a former Louis Vuitton and Cartier executive. In the second and final part of their conversation, Swetha and Tom look at the reinvention of retail, how brands can connect with customers in the digital world and share their thoughts on the market’s accessibility and growth potential.

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Luxury Brands - Swetha Ramachandran
21 January 2022

Swetha Ramachandran discusses consumers deploying their savings into luxury brands in 2021, the strong pricing power the sector should benefit from in 2022 and some of the sectors which could present opportunities as a result.

Quarterly Manager Videos

2:46 min watch

Luxury Equities - Swetha Ramachandran
18 October 2021

Swetha Ramachandran summarises some of the challenges of the third quarter, previews a quarter which could be characterised by what she calls ‘revenge conviviality’ and highlights her focus on experiential luxury.

Quarterly Manager Videos

2:45 min watch

Luxury Equities - Swetha Ramachandran
16 July 2021

Swetha Ramachandran highlights the unleashing of pent-up demand as economies start to re-open, the recovery of some subcategories which were hard hit by Covid-19 and her view that e-commerce will continue to thrive in the luxury sector.



Outlook 2021
23 December 2020