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Tim Love

Tim Love - Investment Director

Tim Love, Investment Director, is responsible for the Emerging Markets Equity strategies.

Prior to joining GAM Investments in February 2012, he was a senior portfolio manager at CQS/Oceanwood where he managed long/short emerging markets equities. Prior to this, he managed a global long/short equity fund at Cazenove Capital Management. Previously, Tim held sell-side positions as head of global equity strategy at Deutsche Bank, head of strategy for global emerging markets at SG Securities Ltd, and head of emerging markets strategy and research at ING Baring Securities Ltd. Before that, he managed emerging markets equities portfolios at BlackRock (formerly Merrill Lynch Investment Managers) and at HSBC Asset Management. Tim holds a BA in Accountancy and Politics and trained as a chartered accountant at Pricewaterhouse. He is based in London. 

Tim Love

My Insights

Investment Opinions

11 min read

09 February 2023

Given an improving risk/return backdrop for emerging markets (EM), Tim Love, believes now is a good time to revisit a grouping he coined in November 2020 called “START” (Samsung Electronics, Tencent, Alibaba, Reliance and TSMC) which represent well the cyclical and secular opportunities for the EM region.

Outlook 2023

3 min read

Outlook 2023: Tim Love (Emerging Market Equities)
December 2022

Following a one-third pullback and 21 months of a continual choppy downwards trend, we added to emerging market (EM) exposure in early Q3 2022 on the grounds that both qualitative and quantitative viewpoints strongly suggested EM equities had reached a counter-cyclical buy point.

Investment Opinions

8 min read

The elephant in the room: China from an emerging markets investor’s perspective
12 May 2022

Buffeted by various headwinds in recent years and now plunged into further uncertainty by Covid lockdowns, China has been largely shunned by investors of late. However, with government stimulus beginning to emerge and plenty of tools left in the toolbox GAM Investments’ Tim Love considers whether China currently offers value for investors.

Investment Opinions

5 min read

Five reasons to consider: Emerging market equities
29 April 2022

Across equities, fixed income and currencies, emerging markets have had a rough ride over the last 15 years – and especially over the last five. 2021 was a year to forget after an equity rally in January was followed by a choppy downward movement for the remainder of the year. GAM Investments’ Tim Love outlines five reasons why he believes emerging market equities have a brighter future.

My Videos

Active Thinking

6:27 min watch

Emerging Market Equities – Tim Love
24 April 2023

Despite a volatile Q1, Tim Love believes as soon as key headwinds abate, emerging market equities will benefit from a trio of tailwinds: value, growth and yield. He is also watching for signs of geopolitical risk within the asset class.

Active Thinking

10:54 min watch

Emerging Market Equities – Tim Love
14 February 2023

Tim Love highlights the headwinds faced by emerging markets in 2022 that are becoming tailwinds in 2023. He also considers the return of domestic demand, not just in China but in India and Southeast Asia, and the strengthened composition of the asset class.

Active Thinking

08:05 min watch

Emerging Market Equities – Tim Love
03 November 2022

While the headwinds facing emerging markets equities did not abate in the third quarter, Tim Love argues that the risk-return profile of the asset class looks positive. He highlights a dollar peak and the end of zero-Covid policy in China as things to look out for in Q4.

Active Thinking

7:04 min watch

Emerging Market Equities – Tim Love
21 July 2022

Tim Love highlights the resiliency of emerging market currencies and explains why he believes emerging markets are currently attractive.