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Tim Love

Tim Love - Investment Director

Tim Love, Investment Director, is responsible for the Emerging Markets Equity strategies.

Prior to joining GAM Investments in February 2012, he was a senior portfolio manager at CQS/Oceanwood where he managed long/short emerging markets equities. Prior to this, he managed a global long/short equity fund at Cazenove Capital Management. Previously, Tim held sell-side positions as head of global equity strategy at Deutsche Bank, head of strategy for global emerging markets at SG Securities Ltd, and head of emerging markets strategy and research at ING Baring Securities Ltd. Before that, he managed emerging markets equities portfolios at BlackRock (formerly Merrill Lynch Investment Managers) and at HSBC Asset Management. Tim holds a BA in Accountancy and Politics and trained as a chartered accountant at Pricewaterhouse. He is based in London. 

Tim Love

My Insights

Investment Opinions
Emerging market equities: Unleashing potential
13 March 2024

With the belief that emerging market equities are currently mispriced, undervalued and completely misunderstood, Tim Love, Investment Director, Emerging Markets Equities, thinks all that is missing is a ‘risk-on’ catalyst to unleash their potential. What kind of catalyst could that be?

Outlook 2024
Outlook 2024: Tim Love (Emerging Market Equities)
December 2023

Emerging Market Equities – Perceptions are way behind reality; the opportunity cost of missing a rally could be high

Active Thinking
Active Thinking
18 September 2023

GAM Investments’ Tim Love explains why he believes an active management approach is best-suited to emerging market equities and discusses the new world of opportunity the asset class offers sustainability-focused investors.

Investment Opinions
India’s ascendancy: Foreseeing India’s leadership in emerging markets for the next decade
06 July 2023

Tim Love, Joaquim Nogueira and Rachit Chirania of GAM Investments’ Emerging Markets Equity team believe India could lead emerging market outperformance over the course of this decade. They outline seven reasons why they think the country presents a rare secular and cyclical growth story at a time when major economies are struggling.

My Videos

Active Thinking

11:42 min watch

Emerging Market Equities – Tim Love
19 October 2023

Tim Love argues that emerging markets (EM) have fundamentally changed, as they have shifted from low-end manufacturing and commodities to high-end manufacturing and services. He believes the potential growth in EM could be unleashed by the weakening dollar and the Federal Reserve’s move towards a looser monetary policy.

Active Thinking

9:12 min watch

Emerging Market Equities – Tim Love
28 July 2023

As with global equities, emerging market stocks have been swept up in the artificial intelligence (AI) momentum. However, Tim Love looks beyond that to the opportunities within the reshoring theme and discusses the catalysts that could spark a long-term outperformance in emerging markets.

My Awards

GAM is proud to have once again been awarded three prestigious German Sauren Gold Medals
October 2021

Paul McNamara received his gold medal in the Absolute Return Emerging Markets segment, joined by Tim Love in the Emerging Market Equities category and Niall Gallagher for his European Equities strategy.

Find out more here.

Three GAM managers win gold medals at the Sauren Golden Awards 2020
October 2020

At this year's Sauren Golden Awards in Germany, Investment Directors Paul McNamara, Tim Love and Niall Gallagher were recognised for their performance in emerging market debt, emerging market equities and European equities, respectively.