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GAM offers a wide range of equity funds focused on developed and emerging markets as well as thematic approaches. Our funds are actively managed by both in-house and external fund managers with clearly differentiated investment approaches.

Our investment teams benefit from the freedom to follow their own philosophy and processes, typically with active, conviction investment styles that are not wedded to benchmarks, allowing them to exploit a greater range of opportunities than traditional managers.

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We offer a range of equity funds focused on developed markets:

Asia Pacific

This is a diversified pan-Asian investment strategy employing a top-down thematic investment approach designed to capture the distinct valuation drivers of each regional market. The strategy is managed by locally-based managers and analysts who are able to identify and quickly capture opportunities.


We offer a range of European long-only equity funds following fundamental, bottom-up stock selection, covering both pan-European and Europe ex UK, as well as specialisms in small, medium and large caps.


We offer a range of global long-only equity funds which mix top-down themes with bottom-up stock selection. Strategies range from those with contrarian investment styles which use technical analysis to find undervalued, neglected areas of the market with strong potential to those which seek to exploit global valuation anomalies with a bias towards developed markets that are self-sustaining.


Our approach in Japan is centred on the belief that only a limited number of market-leading firms are able to deliver superior portfolio returns over the long term when purchased at discount to fair value. The resulting portfolio is one that is high-conviction and highly concentrated. Turnover is typically very low as the team have a long-term investment horizon, meaning that the holding period of each stock is typically several years.

North America

We offer a range of equity funds investing in quoted securities in the US and Canada. The approaches are typically concentrated, selected on the on basis of intensive, bottom-up company research.


We offer a range of equity funds focused on Swiss equities. From small/mid-caps to a focus on sustainability factors, the funds are actively managed with an emphasis on bottom-up stock selection, taking into account the special features of the Swiss market.


This strategy is takes a contrarian investment style together with a long-term buy & hold approach to investing in the UK equities market. It employs technical analysis to find undervalued, neglected areas of the market with strong potential, while applying in-depth fundamental analysis to assess company quality and identify catalysts for change.

See Our Equities Fund Range

We offer a range of equity funds focused on emerging markets:


We offer a number of Asian equity funds. Whether spanning the Asia ex Japan region, or focusing on specific countries such as Singapore/Malaysia and India, overall this area of equity markets is relatively immature and under-researched with inefficient capital markets, offering plenty of opportunities for skilled stockpickers.

Within Asia ex Japan, we offer a strategy focused on quoted securities in the Eastern Pacific and Asian region, excluding Japan but including Australia and New Zealand. The Singapore/Malaysia strategy focuses on companies listed in those countries, following a fundamental stock-picking approach with a macro overlay. Our India strategy is a concentrated portfolio of stocks chosen on a 3-5 year investment horizon, and is index and market cap agnostic.


This strategy seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in companies with assets in, or revenues derived from, China and Hong Kong. Run by a highly experienced team of specialists based in Hong Kong, strong local knowledge helps the team identify investment opportunities that capture China’s rapid growth potential and take advantage of developing market inefficiencies.

Eastern Europe

This strategy takes a bottom-up, fundamental research-driven approach, using disciplined quantitative screening to generate ideas. The strategy focuses on mid-caps where market inefficiencies are greatest and most accessible.

Global Emerging Markets

We offer two strategies focused on global emerging markets. The first is an active, value-driven approach blending top-down macro themes with bottom-up company research. It is run by a seasoned team with experience of multiple market cycles and expertise in every emerging market region, who carry out in-depth macro research integrating equity, commodity and credit perspectives. The second strategy employs a multifaceted investment approach to take advantage of the frequent valuation mispricings that occur due to regulatory, political, geopolitical, credit and structural changes. The team blends experienced qualitative analysis and investment modelling tools with a "common-sense overlay" approach, which creates a consistent and repeatable process to identify and exploit opportunities as they materialize.

See Our Equities Fund Range

We offer a range of equity funds with different thematic focuses:


This strategy employs a top-down thematic approach to identify the game-changing trends which are likely to result in the biggest and most disruptive technology opportunities. Portfolio construction recognises that there is a strong polarisation between winners and losers, which is often reflected in new companies (non-index) versus incumbent (index); this necessitates a benchmark-agnostic approach.


A rapidly changing energy landscape requires a differentiated investment strategy. We offer a dynamically managed, diversified strategy investing across all energy sectors, such as oil & gas, renewables, and energy efficiency. The strategy is managed by an experienced management team that focuses on industry/sector themes and bottom-up stock selection.


This strategy tap opportunities arising from industry innovation as well as taking advantage of themes such as the growing wealth in emerging markets and the demographic changes caused by an ageing population. Taking a global view of the healthcare industry, the strategy’s experienced managers combine top-down economic and industry trends with bottom-up stock analysis to build a concentrated but diversified portfolio.

Luxury brands

As global wealth creation is expected to rise year-on-year, driven by consumers in North America, Europe and Asia, demand for luxury brands is expected to remain firm. This strategy is a highly-focused, concentrated and diversified portfolio of favoured luxury brands managed by a highly-experienced team of managers.

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