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Weekly Manager Views: Equities


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At GAM Investments’ latest Equities Meeting, held on 2 February, two of our managers shared their thoughts on individual stock price surges and equity market short squeezes.

05 February 2021

David Goodman – Technology Equities

We view the recent GameStop, Reddit and Robinhood saga as a black swan event. In this instance, the Reddit community ‘WallStreetBets’ swooped in to buy GameStop shares, seizing hedge fund leverage by buying the stock en masse and started squeezing shorts by driving up the share price. This in turn forced certain hedge funds to cover their positions, which sent the shares even higher. In the chat rooms, the episode was presented as a David and Goliath moment with the little man taking on the Wall Street establishment. For investors on the short side, such a situation creates a scenario where managing short exposure is paramount, irrespective of what the fundamentals for a specific stock are saying. Ultimately, we believe the situation is subsiding and fundamentals will always come back in the end. At the same time, identification of potential short squeezes is key and then the actual management of them is also vital.

Gianmarco Mondani - Developed Europe Long / Short Equity

The US equity market has been experiencing an unusual squeeze in popular short names. This has caused many portfolios in the long / short space to deleverage, possibly exacerbating the phenomenon. In our view, it is unlikely that European equity markets will experience such an environment to the same degree. We believe the risk of individual attacks is low. Short data in Europe is not as readily available and the size of the US market means there are many more names this new online cohort of retail traders on ‘WallStreetBets’ could focus on. Overall, we believe the rally in some heavily shorted names, when unsupported by fundamentals, will revert. This has started to happen in the US. Going forward, short sellers could start to look at these moves as opportunities, not just threats, although it makes sense to stay well clear of stocks where short interest and implied volatility reach extremely high levels, as they did in some of the US names that have been in focus of late. 

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David Goodman

Investment Manager

Gianmarco Mondani

Investment Director

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