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At GAM Investments’ latest Fixed Income Meeting, held on 6 April, our managers commented on rising interest rates, higher treasury yields and the recent performance of US and emerging market credit.

09 April 2021

Jack Flaherty - US Credit

We continue to believe the US will make a strong economic comeback. We are certainly seeing a V-shaped recovery in the service sector, which is recording the largest level of growth in half a century. Unemployment continues to be slack, sticking at circa 6%. In the credit markets, metrics are recovering. Estimates suggest the market will see significantly more ‘rising stars’ than ‘fallen angels’ in 2021. The US high yield market had a decent Q1 relative to other fixed income markets. Overall, we remain positive on risk assets but are cautious given rising rates and higher treasury yields.

Paul McNamara - Emerging Market Rates 

EM local currency debt has performed poorly year-to-date, hurt by a stronger US dollar, higher treasury yields and slower vaccination progress compared to developed markets, including Europe which has had its own Covid-19 vaccine struggles. Hard currency EM debt has also weakened, in line with broader credit markets. In general, while EM assets appear attractively priced it remains difficult to see a potential catalyst on the horizon which could lead to some value being realised. More specifically, after recent volatility in Turkey, we are also cautious on Russia at present given the build-up of military forces in eastern Ukraine. Whether this is sabre-rattling or part of an attempt to intervene more aggressively militarily remains to be seen, but we remain watchful for any escalation of tensions.

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Jack Flaherty

Investment Director
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Paul McNamara

Investment Director
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