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Absolute Return

GAM has one of the broadest ranges of alternative strategies in the marketplace covering fixed income, macro/managed futures, equity long/short, currencies and commodities. All the strategies share one common aim: to deliver positive, long-term absolute returns with controlled volatility and low correlation to traditional asset classes.

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We offer a range of specialist solutions within fixed income absolute return. These include strategies focused on:

Diversified Fixed Income

We offer a cohesive range of strategies employing a top-down approach, actively managing portfolio exposures across government, corporate and convertible debt, as well as foreign exchange markets. These holdings are complemented by derivatives strategies to provide downside risk protection, as well as to express market views.

Convertible Bonds

This strategy is a long-biased convertible bond fund consisting of partially hedged exposures and relative value trades. It seeks to generate long-term absolute returns via fundamental analysis combined with technical valuations of the underlying stocks. These securities, which require a specialist skill-set, offer the opportunity to convert the bonds into a pre-established number of shares in the underlying stock.

We offer a range of specialist solutions within macro/managed futures. These include strategies focused on:

Emerging Market Rates

This is an unconstrained, diversified strategy investing in hard and local currency emerging market bonds. This strategy seeks to generate positive, asymmetric returns through high-conviction contrarian macro views while hedging against downside risk.

Global Rates

Global rates invests in a diverse range of government bonds and currencies to exploit inherent inefficiencies in these markets. Funds operating with this strategy have a global mandate, focusing on liquid markets and economic fundamentals at their core.

Systematic Macro

This strategy invests in liquid global equity, fixed income and currency markets using sophisticated and established quantitative modelling techniques. This strategy is particularly appropriate in volatile and dislocated markets, drawing on a myriad of factors to produce returns and control risk.

We offer a range of specialist absolute return solutions within equity long/short. These include strategies focused on:

Emerging Market Equities

This strategy seeks to generate consistent absolute returns through investing long and short in a portfolio of emerging market equities. This strategy uses a fundamental, bottom-up style and a predominantly non-directional approach.

European Equities – Market neutral

This strategy takes a market and sector neutral pair trading approach based on disciplined stock selection. This strategy ensures there are equal weightings of longs and shorts to neutralize market risk.

European Equities – Non-directional

This strategy employs a bottom-up approach to stock selection focused on corporate earnings revisions. The resulting portfolio is a long/short equity targeting pure alpha.

Global Equities

This strategy offers a concentrated portfolio of global equities combining both long and short positions. The protection of capital is the overarching investment consideration of this strategy.  


This is a financials-focused long/short equity strategy with a low beta objective. This strategy aims to generate consistent absolute returns by investing in financial companies in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas using a fundamental, bottom-up style and a predominantly non-directional approach.


This strategy invests in a diverse and fast-changing sector, offering long-term capital appreciation by employing a long/short stock-picking approach. This strategy balances fundamental research and detailed technical analysis, to identify the opportunities arising from the polarisation of the technology sector’s winners and losers.


This is a highly liquid and transparent investment strategy, investing in a diverse range of currencies to exploit inherent inefficiencies in currency markets. This strategy combines strategic investing with short-term tactical trading opportunities.


This strategy taps a global universe of over 300 highly-liquid securities based on energy, metals, agriculture and livestock, with the aim of producing positive returns over the long term, regardless of commodity market conditions. It is based on a discretionary investment methodology which takes long and short positions within a market-neutral framework of various idiosyncratic strategies.