Dr Silvia Stanescu

Dr Silvia Stanescu - Investment Director, GAM Systematic Cambridge

Dr Silvia Stanescu is an Investment Director and co-leads the GAM Systematic Cambridge team.

Silvia’s expertise spans various aspects of quantitative finance – from portfolio construction to strategy signal generation, risk management as well as strategy design. Silvia joined the firm in 2018 when her main focus was on the Core Macro strategy and the firm’s options strategies. Prior to joining GAM Systematic, Silvia was an Equity Derivatives Strategist at Deutsche Bank, working on systematic option trading and bespoke solutions for clients. She joined Deutsche Bank from the University of Kent, where she was a Lecturer in Finance. She holds a PhD in Finance from the ICMA Centre at the University of Reading and holds an MSc in Finance (ICMA Centre, Reading), a BSc in Business Economics (Reading) and a BSc in Banking and Finance (Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies). Silvia was named one of The Hedge Fund Journal’s 50 Leading Women in Hedge Funds in November 2020. She also serves on the Board of Governance of the CCIMI – an institute for the mathematics of information, part of the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge.

Dr Silvia Stanescu

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Quarterly Manager Videos

5:42 min watch

Systematic Core Macro – Dr Chris Longworth and Dr Silvia Stanescu
09 mai 2022

Chris Longworth et Silvia Stanescu soulignent les deux thèmes qui ont dominé le premier trimestre, à savoir les corrélations plus faibles entre certains styles d'investissement et les avantages d'être un gestionnaire actif capable de diversifier les allocations.

Quarterly Manager Videos

3:45 min watch

Systematic Core Macro - Dr Chris Longworth and Dr Silvia Stanescu
18 octobre 2021

Le Dr Chris Longworth et le Dr Silvia Stanescu discutent des événements qui ont animé les marchés au troisième trimestre, de leur vision équilibrée des principales classes d'actifs et de la tendance à la hausse du dollar américain.

Quarterly Manager Videos

4:31 min watch

Systematic Core Macro - Silvia Stanescu
27 avril 2021

La Dr Silvia Stanescu met en évidence les rallyes sur les marchés des actions et des matières premières au premier trimestre, un bon trimestre pour les styles trend et value et une rotation continue vers un positionnement plus risqué.

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