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At GAM, diversity and inclusion are critical to our success. By fostering an environment that embraces diverse perspectives we become better investors and better problem solvers. Embracing diversity nurtures creativity and collaboration. A diverse, inclusive environment makes us good listeners, empathetic to the needs and aspirations of our clients. Lastly, diversity and inclusion are values that attract, develop, and retain exceptional colleagues.


At GAM we provide equal employment and advancement opportunities for all individuals regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability, religion or other characteristics. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where all individuals feel valued, listened to, treated fairly and respected.


Senior management take specific steps to foster this environment and cultivate inclusiveness through appropriate training at all levels and regions. We pursue diversity initiatives in recruitment, mentoring, training and workplace flexibility. We have signed the Women in Finance Charter, 30% Club and the Diversity Project to accelerate our progress toward our diversity and inclusion goals. We cannot preach inclusion without practicing it. All our staff experiences and perspectives are invaluable to make GAM a more diverse, inclusive and successful company.

Our memberships

GAM has joined the 30% Club to help accelerate our progress with achieving gender balance throughout our organisation. The 30% Club runs a number of very specific and targeted initiatives that look to broaden the pipeline of women at all levels.

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GAM has joined the Diversity Project, which aims to achieve an inclusive culture within the investment industry. The benefits to an inclusive culture across all levels supports more effective teamwork, gives wider perspectives, better investment decisions, better results for our clients and ultimately more sustainable business.

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Women in finance

In 2018, GAM signed the Women in Finance Charter with the goal of in-creasing the proportion of women in senior management positions within GAM globally to 25% by 2022. 

When GAM signed up to the Charter in September 2018 we had 16.7% female representation in senior management positions as at 31 December 2017 and we have been making steady progress in increasing the number of women in senior positions and remains committed to achieving the target set . As at 31 December 2020, we had 20.2% female representation in senior management positions, and it recognises that it still has more work to do. 

GAM remains committed and dedicated to its broader Diversity and Inclusion agenda and continues to work and create initiatives that will improve diversity for the benefit of the business - for our people, our clients and our workplace culture. GAM recognises in particular the benefits of increased diversity in senior management. We continue to work hard and introduce new initiatives to increase female representation at senior levels. 

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"Women deserve fair and equal opportunities to develop their careers, regardless of decisions that they may or may not make in the future”
Denise Prime, Investment Director

The Power of Diversity - Conference

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News and Media

50 Leading Women in Hedge Funds 2020

Citywire Alpha Female Report 2020

Investment 20/20 (UK)

Congratulations to Dr. Silvia Stanescu, senior scientist, who was chosen for The Hedge Fund Journal’s list of 50 leading women in hedge funds 2020.

The global list, which is compiled annually, recognises leading women across a wide range of roles, who exemplify success and are a beacon to those who follow in their footsteps.

Silvia is recognised for her work in the field of systematic options trading, as well as her role in developing new futures macro strategies.

This is the third consecutive year that GAM team members have featured in the report.

Click here to view the full report.

We are proud to congratulate Jian Shi Cortesi, who manages China and Asia equity funds for GAM, on being selected for Citywire’s list of 30 top female fund managers. 

The list is compiled from Citywire’s database of 1762 female fund managers based on managers’ ratings consistency over the last 5 years. 

This is the third year that Jian has featured in the Citywire Alpha Female Top 30 list, having also been included in 2017 and 2019.

Read the Citywire Alpha Female Report here.

In 2016, GAM joined Investment20/20 and has since welcomed over 30 trainees into various business areas within our UK offices. Investment20/20 was launched in 2013 with the idea to open the doors to a wide range of graduates and school leavers whose aspirations hadn’t previously included a career in Investment Management.

Our trainees join us for 12 months within an assigned department and during this time have the opportunity to undertake courses specific to their business area, as well as to join wider training and education events within GAM and with the Investment20/20 programme.

To support GAM’s commitment to a diverse workplace, the initial shortlisting stage of all applications for our UK Trainee Programme is reviewed blindly, with names and educational background removed from application forms ensuring all applications are assessed based on application form responses only.

Our trainee programme has enabled us to provide opportunities for bright, talented and enthusiastic people to join GAM and our industry.

Our actions

Our Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee and working groups are committed to drive our key actions to support our group initiatives.

What we have done so far:

  • - Provided unconscious bias e-learning training to all staff;
  • - Formed group-wide Diversity Steering Committee;
  • - Signed the Women in Finance Charter;
  • - Joined the "30% club";
  • - Joined "The Diversity Project";
  • - Reviewing recruitment practises

What we plan to do:

  • - Review all family-friendly and agile working policies group-wide;
  • - Launch wellness calendar (health and wellbeing awareness);
  • - Introduce talent programme;
  • - Regularly report diversity statistics to Group Management Board;
  • - Launch leadership and management programme;
  • - Launch mentoring programme
Diversity and Inclusion Policy

10,000 Black Interns Programme

Asset management is definitely an industry that I now see myself working in. I had a really great experience, which showed me that I’m capable of succeeding in the industry.
Martine Makira, Intern

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