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At GAM Investments we believe our job is to not only help clients achieve their investment goals, but to have a better understanding of the investment environment. As we attempt to meet these aims, we are constantly challenging ourselves to dig deeper and seek new ideas to make a difference and consider how best to communicate them.

Investment Opinions

6 min read

The Disruptive Strategist – Food as software
09 August 2022

A quarter of global emissions are connected to food and a third of food that is created goes to waste. Both these facts are driving the need for change on a huge scale. GAM Investments’ Mark Hawtin considers the future of food and explains why it looks set to be one of the most exciting prospects for the next 10-15 years.

Charles Hepworth Blog

2 min read

Bank of England governor warns of a painful winter ahead as the central bank hikes again
05 August 2022

The UK consumer will be retrenching on a scale more so than ever in recent history as higher borrowing costs along with price pressures continue to bite.



Success comes from thinking differently, attracting and retaining the best people.

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Corporate responsibility

We aim to be responsible and diligent investors, on behalf of our clients and our stakeholders

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