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At GAM, we take a holistic approach to responsible investment that includes a deep commitment to active investment and stewardship. We firmly believe that monitoring, assessing and, where necessary, actively engaging or withdrawing investments based on a company’s management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, are crucial to protect and enhance long-term, sustainable value.

Peter Sanderson, Group Chief Executive Officer

Our Approach

As active investors, we believe the inclusion of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, analysis and research in the investment process is integral to fundamental financial analysis. We believe long-term sustainable returns are dependent on stable, well-functioning and well governed social, economic and environmental systems. Our approach is based on five pillars:

• Strong governance and policy framework 
• Embedding ESG at the portfolio level to manage risk and drive alpha 
• Proactive voting and engagement to drive positive change
• Effective oversight and reporting through transparency
• Industry collaboration to improve policy and practices 

We are committed to investment leadership, innovation and sustainable thinking to protect and enhance our clients’ financial future through our investment solutions. 

We are proud signatories to the Principles for Responsible Investment. Our latest PRI Transparency Report is available here.

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Active Stewardship

Stewardship and the principles of good governance are central to our approach to responsible investment. As investors, we recognise our stewardship responsibilities and use our influence to encourage companies to focus on long-term, sustainable value creation and to positively influence the outcomes for our clients, society and the environment.

We support global standards of good governance, including the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) Global Governance Principles, the UK Corporate Governance Code and the G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance and support the stewardship principles outlined in Japan’s Stewardship Code, the Singapore Stewardship Principles for Responsible Investors and the UK Stewardship Code (2021).

GAM Stewardship Report 2021

Japan Stewardship Statement 2021

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Our Thinking

Responsible Investing

5 min read

Net zero: The new North Star
03 December 2021

Stephanie Maier, GAM Investments’ Global Head of Sustainable and Impact Investment, discusses the increased commitment to tackling climate change following COP26 as it becomes clear immediate action is imperative.

Responsible Investing

4 min read

Investors already looking beyond COP26
29 October 2021

The highly anticipated COP26 summit is seen as a critical opportunity for policymakers to set out clear plans to lower global emissions and reach net zero by 2050. As the world awaits tangible policy developments, Stephanie Maier, GAM Investments’ Global Head of Sustainable and Impact Investment, says the global fight against climate change is continuing to gain momentum and the financial infrastructure of a new and sustainable economy is falling into place.

Responsible Investing

5 min read

European banks: rising to the climate challenge with green bonds
08 October 2021

GAM Investments’ Stephanie Maier and Atlanticomnium’s Romain Miginiac detail how European banks are rising to the climate challenge via the green bond market, one of the most important mechanisms for redirecting institutional capital into the green economy.

Sustainability blog

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Sustainability Related Disclosures (SFDR)

Article 3 - Transparency of sustainability risk policies

Information about the integration of sustainability risks in our investment decision-making process can be found in our Responsible Investment Policy here

Article 4 - Transparency of adverse sustainability impacts at entity level

GAM Investments considers the principal adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors
Our Principal Adverse Impacts Statement can be found here

Article 5 Transparency of remuneration policies in relation to the integration of sustainability risks

GAM’s Group Compensation Policy can be found here

Article 6 – Transparency of the integration of sustainability risks
Article 8 – Transparency of the promotion of environmental or social characteristics in pre‐contractual disclosures
Article 9 – Transparency of sustainable investments in pre‐contractual disclosures

Pre-contractual disclosures can be found in the relevant fund pages accessed via the fund list

Further details of our sustainability exclusions that apply to our Article 8 and Article 9 funds can be found here

These disclosures cover all UCITS management companies, Alternative Investment Fund Managers, and investment firms within GAM Holding AG ‘(‘GAM ‘Investments’ or ‘’we’), that fall under the definition of Financial Market Participants and/or Financial Advisers within Art. 2 of EU Regulation 2019/2088 (“SFDR).

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