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Our experience of over 35 years in managing private client portfolios enables us to focus on not only our clients' wealth creation, but also on their wealth preservation.

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GAM was founded in 1983 with a focus on providing innovative global investment capabilities for sophisticated private clients. Since that time, we have devised specific strategies that utilise our expertise in global fund selection. Today, we continue to be renowned for a diverse product offering, which is combined with our significant global presence and reach.

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Wealth Management

Private Clients - Ultra High Net Worth

Our clients are a diverse range of UK and international families and individuals.

From personal portfolios, ISAs and pensions to trusts and charitable foundations, our deep expertise enables us to create bespoke investment solutions to meet specific requirements.

Our client investment aims range from creating long-term capital growth to the generation of cash plus income, to above inflation returns, to the investment of a lump sum, investments for family members or sustainable investment portfolios.

From strategy design to management, we work alongside clients’ advisors to provide seamless and excellent service.

Charities and Foundations

Our charity / charitable foundation clients have distinct requirements that GAM has successfully managed for many decades.

Our remit is broad and we work actively with trustees, whether generating income from grant making, reflecting the ESG profile of the charity or creating an innovative investment strategy for a specific charity.

Active and relevant communications with our charity clients are key, hence we frequently develop bespoke reporting capabilities for their specific needs.

GAM has a long track record in sustainable investments, something that we actively access for all our clients.

Family Offices

We work with some of the world’s largest family offices, and are well positioned to assist clients wherever they are.

From sophisticated fund management services and consolidated reporting solutions to access to leading alternative asset managers globally within the private equity, private debt and hedge fund communities.

We remain focused on achieving excellence via an independent platform.

We always strive for the best solution - provided by GAM or one of our extensive network of family office advisors.

We create fully diversified portfolios that combine GAM’s expertise in asset allocation, fund manager research and active investment management. We then scale these portfolios to various risk levels to offer clients the most suitable investment products.
Charles Hepworth, Investment Director.
Managed Fund Service

GAM's unitised risk targeted fund range.

Segregated Portfolio Solutions

GAM's sample segregated multi-asset investment portfolios .

Responsible Investing

At GAM, we take a holistic approach to responsible investment that includes a deep commitment to active investment and stewardship.


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Active Thinking Videos

As markets change over time, we’re ready for the challenge. Independent and with a global presence, we have long recognised across all areas of our business that results beyond the ordinary can best be achieved by thinking beyond the obvious. Hear the latest views from our investment managers.

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Charles Hepworth Blog

2 min read

Bank of England raises rates to 4.25%
23 March 2023

Markets expect future conditions to warrant one more hike

Charles Hepworth Blog

2 min read

Fed sticks to the script and hikes rates by 25 bps
22 March 2023

Central bank opts for the lesser of three evils

Charles Hepworth Blog

2 min read

UK inflation comes in hotter than forecast
22 March 2023

Interest rate hike from the Bank of England likely tomorrow


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Thought Leadership

Investment Opinions

7 min read

Goldilocks and the interest rate bear
23 March 2023

On the surface, the economic backdrop appears to have improved in recent months, with some commentators having seized upon this as evidence of a new ‘goldilocks’ period in the economy. GAM Investments’ Julian Howard examines whether this is a realistic scenario over the short-, medium- and long-term.

Charles Hepworth Blog

2 min read

Bank of England raises rates to 4.25%
23 March 2023

Markets expect future conditions to warrant one more hike

Charles Hepworth Blog

2 min read

Fed sticks to the script and hikes rates by 25 bps
22 March 2023

Central bank opts for the lesser of three evils


Responsible Investment Policy


GAM has been managing investments for charities, foundations and philanthropic trusts since 1988. We specialise in managing discretionary multi-asset portfolios, designed to address the unique requirements of each individual client.

We will work with you to build a high-quality, dynamic investment portfolio, based on an active approach to asset allocation and access to some of the world's most talented fund managers.

We aim to deliver consistent, superior returns, clear communication and attentive client service. We don’t run a common investment fund; instead, we build bespoke, multi-asset portfolios using the traditional asset classes of equities, bonds and property. Our focus for charities is on transparency, liquidity and value for money.

Ensuring the appropriate mix of investments

We believe that the best way to achieve the optimum investment returns for our charities over time is to diversify investment portfolios across a range of different asset classes. We are convinced that it is not possible to pick consistently, and with absolute certainty, the winning asset class year on year; a diversified approach is crucial to producing consistent long-term returns.

There are two aspects to arriving at the most appropriate balance of investments (or ‘asset allocation’) for long-term charity funds. One is strategic, the other is tactical.

The correct strategic mix is rooted in the circumstances of the charity and will be reflected in the composite benchmark. This is the combination of assets most likely to product the optimal result for the charity in ‘normal’ market conditions over the long-term.

By contrast, the tactical mix will be the combination of asset classes that is most likely to make the most of prevailing market conditions in the shorter-term. Within the constraints granted by the trustees at the outset of the relationship, we will flex the asset allocation in your portfolio in accordance with our macroeconomic views and outlook for each asset class.

Securing access to the best ideas within each asset class

Optimal results hinge on access to – and investment in – the best securities in each area. We construct portfolios using active fund managers in each region or sector, those whom we have identified as the most talented stock pickers in their field.

Our dedicated Manager Research Team is vital to our ability to identify the most talented fund managers from around the world. The Team subjects every potential manager to an in-depth evaluation, examining their investment strategies and quantitative characteristics in order to provide a well-supported, documented investment thesis for manager selection and on-going monitoring.

With more than 35 years’ experience researching managers and approximately 40 staff, GAM has one of the largest, best equipped manager research capabilities available in Europe.

Where we are unable to identify the right manager for a given sector or geography, we will buy passive index funds, or ETFs, as a low-cost alternative.

Due Diligence

Risk management is threaded through every stage of our investment process, and nowhere is this more important than for our charities.

Our dedicated Operational Due Diligence Team monitors and reviews every manager we seek to appoint, producing an in-depth report on each and every one, prior to its inclusion in a portfolio. The report is a rigorous analysis of fund documentation, operations and the strength of key service providers (such as administrators), with a focus on identifying potential sources of operational risk right across the food chain. Once invested, our Team continues to measure, monitor and assess the funds personnel and performance to ensure that they remain suitable.

Finally, our operations and back office infrastructure work alongside to ensure efficient administration of portfolios and their investments.

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