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Information on the Swiss Financial Services Act (FIDLEG)

Describes the main principles of FIDLEG and provides essential information on the implementation measures taken by GIMS** in this regard.

Beschreibt die wesentlichen Grundsätze des FIDLEG und gibt wesentliche Hinweise zu den diesbezüglichen Umsetzungsmassnahmen der GIMS**.

Présente les grandes lignes de la FIDLEG ainsi que les mesures de mise en œuvre prises par GIMS** à cet égard.

General information on typical financial services for investment solutions and the risks attached to the trading, buying, selling and custody of financial instruments. In addition, outlines the characteristics and risks of the different types of financial instruments.

*Please note that the client information brochure may be amended from time to time, for example if regulatory requirements or relevant practice change. Please therefore use the latest version.

**GAM Investment Management (Switzerland) AG