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6 min read

Multi asset perspectives: Policymakers and investors face a bumpier ride
12 January 2022

GAM Investments’ Julian Howard outlines his latest multi asset views, discussing why combating inflation could upset markets but secular stagnation still suggests strategically holding long-dated assets.

Investment Opinions

4 min read

Breaking down the ‘bottleneck recession’
05 January 2022

GAM Investments’ Thomas Funk discusses what has sparked a ‘bottleneck recession’ and comments on the implications for manufacturing companies.

Investment Opinions

8 min read

2022 Outlook
22 December 2021

GAM and partner managers provide their outlook for 2022 for their respective asset classes. They cite energy transition, rising interest rates, the Asian emerging middle class, the strength of the European banking sector, demand / supply imbalance and of course the Omicron variant of Covid-19 as among the things to watch out for in the coming year.