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Manveer Badesha

October 2020

1. Brief job description:

Trainee in the Alternative Investment Solutions (AIS) team helping with research / reporting on hedge funds and long only funds.  

2. What were your main responsibilities?

I write monthly / quarterly commentaries on fund performance, track new launches and closures in the hedge fund space. Plus, I help the team with ad hoc tasks. 

3. Did you have any projects to work on?

I was involved in a project researching ESG funds and a project tracking global monetary and fiscal stimulus measures. 

4. Day in the life – what does your day look like?

I generally start the day by reading through some financial news stories. Then I check emails and write a brief plan of tasks for the day and order tasks in terms of priority. The days can vary, but some tasks can include writing up fund commentaries, requesting fund materials and updating the shared fund database. There is a weekly meeting and I usually prepare beforehand by checking how some of our invested funds have performed and establish performance drivers, if possible. 

5. What skills have you learnt, or improved on (department specific, personal, technical etc)?

My understanding of the hedge fund universe has increased significantly and I have developed my technical skills to better analyse fund performance.

6. Did you take any qualifications?

I have been studying for the IMC qualification.

7. Do you have any further learnings or reflections, including adapting to the “remote working” environment?  

Having the first half of my placement in the office and the second half working remotely at home was a shift that was made a lot easier by the firm’s excellent organisation and preparation. The way you respond to changes reflects your character and it’s important to demonstrate your resilience and adaptability in the workplace, as well as in your personal life. 

8. What are you moving onto next?  Has this year inspired your future outlook or decisions?

I’m lucky to have been offered a permanent role in the AIS team and this experience has made me realise I want to continue my career in the investment management industry. 

9. Can you summarise your experience?

Lots of learning and changes and working with the AIS team has been wonderful!