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Michael Hambi

June 2022

1. What area did you complete your I2020 internship at GAM?


2. What did you / do you most enjoy about working at GAM?

I’ve really enjoyed the level of exposure to the processes and products in the business. I have been involved in a large variety throughout my time and across my various teams, it has really helped me learn a lot, and I have particularly enjoyed learning about the opinions of our fund managers.

3. What skills have you developed since working at GAM?

My organisational skills have considerably improved, managing work from both content and digital marketing teams is an enjoyable challenge and it’s also nice to get time to focus on one specifically too. Also, seeing some of the creative or practical solutions to problems proposed by team members has helped me see things from different perspectives and I think it has helped me become more open minded when tackling an issue.

4. How would you describe your average working day?

I’ll usually have one or two projects to do for the week which I will work on alongside any requests that my teams receive. These projects usually include fund commentaries, weekly sales call write ups given by our fund managers, publishing articles like these on our website and writing social media posts. I like to catch up on information the company produces that I may have missed or see if any LinkedIn learning courses interest me when I’m between projects.

a. In 3 words sum up your experience of working at GAM.

Informative, supportive and enjoyable.

5. How you describe the company culture/ working environment?

GAM feels very inclusive, everyone is very approachable, friendly and the flexibility of working from home or going into the office is great. I feel like I can benefit from both home and office working in different ways, and that I can always do what suits me the most, which is reassuring.