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Season's Greetings

PLF Team
Dear clients, dear business partners,

What has been a challenging year is coming to a close. We were pleased that we were able to remain “online” at your side and would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your cooperation over the past year.

Just like our Group CEO Peter Sanderson, in his video message (below), we are looking forward to 2021 with optimism and are also looking forward to seeing you again and to continuing to offer you our high-quality services in the coming year.

The entire GAM Private Labelling Team wishes you a Merry Christmas!

We certainly miss seeing you in person, and hope that 2021 may prove brighter than this year, but no matter what the challenges are ahead, please know that your team at GAM are reacting positively, and we all remain fully focused on protecting your financial future.

- Peter Sanderson, GAM Group CEO

Supporting the ICRC

To mark the 2020 holiday season GAM has decided to support the International Committee of the Red Cross. As a global firm we feel that supporting the Red Cross is a good way to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable thinking and supporting communities across world. In addition to our support for the Red Cross, our offices across the world continue to support local communities with charitable support and volunteering activities.