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BREXIT Disclosure


We have undertaken several actions to mitigate the impact of Brexit.  The overriding objective in formulating these actions has been to enable investors to continue to access UK, Luxembourg and Irish domiciled fund ranges following the end of the Transition Period on 31 December 2020. 

Information for Investors in GAM’s UK Domicile Fund Range

We are anticipating that after 31 December 2020 the UK domicile GAM Funds will no longer qualify as UCITS Funds under the EU regime and will instead become subject to the UK UCITS regime.  This will not impact the investment objectives of the sub funds or the way in which they are managed.

We do not believe that the change in status of GAM Funds will impact UK domiciled investors. However, investors from EU27 states should consult their own professional advisers on the consequences of holding, selling or otherwise transferring of shares in GAM Funds following 31 December 2020 in light of their particular circumstances.

Information for Investors in GAM’s Luxembourg and Irish Domiciled Fund Ranges

All of our Luxembourg and Irish domiciled funds will continue to have the same investment objectives and be managed in the same way following 31 December 2020.

Any Luxembourg or Irish domiciled Funds which are currently marketed in the UK are or will be registered under the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s temporary permissions regime (the “TPR”). These TPR registrations will allow GAM to continue to market these funds in the UK following 31 December 2020 on a temporary basis until such time as it is possible to obtain permanent registrations.

It is our intention to obtain permanent registrations to market these funds in the UK as soon as it is possible to do so.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact your relationship manager.