Dr Chris Longworth

Dr Chris Longworth - Investment Director, GAM Systematic Cambridge

Dr Chris Longworth is an Investment Director and co-leads the GAM Systematic Cambridge team.

Since joining the firm in 2010, Chris’s focus has been on the development and enhancement of the team’s investment strategies. Chris has been heavily involved in the research and review of all aspects of the Core Macro programme since its inception in 2013. He is the author of the longest standing model traded within that programme. In addition, Chris has led the effort to incorporate novel or alternative data sources into the portfolio as well as the expansion of the team’s tradable universe into new and unconventional markets. Prior to joining GAM Systematic, Chris was part of the Machine Intelligence Laboratory at Cambridge University, where he obtained MPhil and PhD degrees. He also holds a BSc in Computer Science from Royal Holloway, University of London.

Dr Chris Longworth

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9 min read

Quants and Quandaries: The most asked questions about systematic investing
04 October 2022

Systematic investing has recently seen increased interest as many traditional investment styles have been challenged by adverse market conditions. We sat down with Dr Silvia Stanescu and Dr Chris Longworth, Investment Directors at GAM Systematic, to discuss some of the most asked questions about how systematic investing works, some common misconceptions, as well as the role a systematic investment style can play as a constituent of a well-diversified portfolio.

Investment Opinions

3 min read

Efficient Portfolio Allocation in a Time of Slowing Growth
18 May 2022

Following a decade of sustained global growth and further rate hikes on the horizon, forward looking yields across both equities and fixed income now appear challenging. Investors are increasingly seeking alternatives that can allow them to diversify their portfolio away from traditional equities or duration risk.

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06:23 min watch

Systematic Core Macro – Dr Chris Longworth and Dr Silvia Stanescu
03 November 2022

Silvia Stanescu and Chris Longworth outline the benefits of systematic macro, including its ability to go short as well as long, allowing it to potentially benefit in a prolonged bear market, as well as to capture opportunities that go beyond growth or duration.

Active Thinking

5:15 min watch

Systematic Core Macro – Dr Chris Longworth and Dr Silvia Stanescu
21 July 2022

Dr Silvia Stanescu and Dr Chris Longworth discuss the continuation of themes from the previous quarter, the benefits of a systematic investment style, including how systematic styles can extract diversification from the markets in which they invest.