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Farida Mustafazade

Farida Mustafazade - Senior Scientist, GAM Systematic

Farida Mustafazade is a senior scientist in the GAM Systematic investment team where she focuses on macro trading strategies and sustainability implementation.
Prior to joining GAM Systematic in 2019, Farida was a Statistical Analyst at Newcastle University where, as part of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership project, she conducted statistical modelling for Social Housing Management research at MRI Software. Farida holds an MPhil in Statistical Analysis from Newcastle University, an MSc with distinction in Financial Mathematics from University College London as well as a BSc major in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Engineering from the Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey). Farida also holds a Certificate in ESG Investing from the CFA Institute.
Farida Mustafazade

My Videos

Active Thinking

7:56 min watch

Systematic Core Macro
28 July 2023

Chris Longworth, Farida Mustafazade and Guglielmo Mazzola discuss the major events of the second quarter, highlight how systematic strategies are well placed to take advantage of diverging interest rate policies and explain why they are closely following the Vix index.