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Guglielmo Mazzola

Guglielmo Mazzola - Head of Systematic Investment Specialists

Guglielmo Mazzola is Head of Systematic Investment Specialists at GAM Systematic.

Guglielmo interfaces with clients and GAM’s distribution team, sharing detailed investment information on our systematic alternative range and related custom client solutions. Prior to joining GAM in February 2022, Guglielmo worked as Senior Portfolio Manager at Tiber Capital LLP, a London-based asset manager specialising in alternative investments and systematic managed futures/CTA. His main areas of responsibility over his ten years included researching, testing, developing and coding new strategies/algorithms, as well as trade execution and portfolio monitoring. In recent years, he led the firm’s business development and distribution activities. From 2008 to 2010 Guglielmo worked for HSBC Bank Plc in Italy (Milan) as an M&A Analyst. Guglielmo holds a BA in Institutions and Financial Markets Management and a MSc in Finance from Bocconi University in Milan. He is based in London.

Guglielmo Mazzola

My Insights

Outlook 2024
Outlook 2024: Systematic Core Macro
December 2023

Systematic Core Macro – Reacting incrementally to changes in market conditions while dynamically managing risk

Investment Opinions
Efficient Portfolio Allocation in a Time of Slowing Growth
18 May 2022

Following a decade of sustained global growth and further rate hikes on the horizon, forward looking yields across both equities and fixed income now appear challenging. Investors are increasingly seeking alternatives that can allow them to diversify their portfolio away from traditional equities or duration risk.

My Videos

Active Thinking

10:36 min watch

Systematic Core Macro
19 October 2023

GAM Systematic’s Dr Chris Longworth and Guglielmo Mazzola highlight bond sell offs and a commodities rally as significant market events, and note that systematic investment approaches can help provide investors with much-needed diversification for their portfolios.

Active Thinking

7:56 min watch

Systematic Core Macro
28 July 2023

Chris Longworth, Farida Mustafazade and Guglielmo Mazzola discuss the major events of the second quarter, highlight how systematic strategies are well placed to take advantage of diverging interest rate policies and explain why they are closely following the Vix index.