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Shamir Pandya

Shamir Pandya - Head of Trading

Shamir Pandya is the Head of Trading at GAM Systematic.

Shamir takes responsibility for trading throughout the day and leads the trading team. While most trades at GAM Systematic are executed through our proprietary algorithms, Shamir’s team’s focus is on those markets which still require manual trading, such as EM markets and OTC asset classes. The team also works with GAM Systematic scientists to further advance and automate trading and create trading algorithms on the existing markets, develop ideas relating to new markets and trading capacity. Shamir is also a member of the GAM Global Best-ex Committee. Prior to joining GAM Systematic in 2010, Shamir was a Senior Trader at London Diversified Fund Management, a macro investment house. He began his financial career in 2003 as a trader at Man Investments Products, AHL. Shamir has a BSc in Information Technology and Business Information Systems from Middlesex University.

Shamir Pandya

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Investment Opinions
The Evolution of ESG Assets – a Systematic Trader’s Perspective
30 May 2022

The vast amounts of capital now being deployed across ESG assets has, in recent years, led to financial innovation in the form of ESG-related equity derivatives. In a new paper, GAM Systematic’s trading team, Shamir Pandya, Wanpin Zhuang and Joe Devine, map the evolutionary journey from launch to present of the three most liquid ESG index futures and assess their current tradability from a systematic perspective.