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Wendy Chen

Wendy Chen - Senior Investment Analyst

Wendy Chen, Senior Investment Analyst, is responsible for covering the global internet sector in GAM Investments' Disruptive Growth & Technology team.
Wendy joined GAM in August 2021 from Welight Capital, a family office for one of the founding partners of Tencent, where she was an Investment Analyst also covering the global internet sector. Wendy is a technology enthusiast and brings strong experience from her five years as an Associate at Goldman Sachs, where she focused on China online entertainment equity research. Wendy holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Law from the University of Peking in Beijing and a master’s degree in International Finance and International Relations from John Hopkins University. She is based in Hong Kong.
Wendy Chen

My Insights

Investment Opinions

6 min read

The Disruptive Strategist: The Temu effect - How an Asian ecommerce entrant shook up the US internet landscape
7 November 2023

Asian low price ecommerce marketplace Temu is expanding globally, becoming the most downloaded app in the US. GAM Investments’ Wendy Chen explains how it is achieving success.

Investment Opinions

8 min read

The Disruptive Strategist: The disruptive forces reshaping China's electric vehicle landscape
10 August 2023

China is leading the way in both electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing and consumption, with China’s domestic market accounting for 62% of global EV sales in 2022. GAM Investments’ Wendy Chen highlights how China is reshaping the EV landscape in terms of user experience, extended battery life and affordability.

Active Thinking

7 min read

Active Thinking
20 July 2023

Wendy Chen reflects on economic and market events during the first half of 2023, notably the impact of strained US-China relations. Wendy also explains how a hoped-for ‘revenge spending’ boost has not yet materialised - adding to China’s growth conundrum - and shares how she is aiming to capitalise on growth in China’s electric vehicle market.

Active Thinking

17 min read

Active Thinking
01 March 2023

At GAM Investments’ latest Active Thinking forum, David Dowsett and Rahul Mathur discuss recent choppy market behaviour, the future path for rates, as well as the markets that could provide tactical opportunities. Wendy Chen explores the key factors shaping investor sentiment towards China and outlines four sectors she is watching closely.