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All Julius Baer funds now known as GAM funds

Monday, January 1, 0001

All Julius Baer funds have been successfully rebranded as GAM funds with effect from 30 June 2017. This marks another important milestone for GAM as we continue to build our business around the single GAM brand.


The rebranding builds on many improvements we have made to our business in recent years. Streamlining our brand architecture allows us to concentrate on one single brand, GAM.

What changed?

All our client services functions and investment management teams continue seamlessly as before. Only the fund names incl. SICAVs have changed.

How do I access the renamed funds?

All the ISINs and other fund identifiers codes remain unchanged.
www.jbfundnet.com has now been renamed to https://funds.gam.com.

Click here to access all our renamed funds

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