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Press Release

Friday, November 7, 2014

GAM expands Alternative Investments Solutions team with experienced quantitative hires

GAM has appointed three senior quantitative professionals to the GAM Alternative Investments Solutions (AIS) team, enhancing the Group’s capability in liquid quantitative solutions.

Dr Lars Jaeger, founder of Alternative Beta Partners, an investment boutique based in Switzerland, and his colleagues Dr Pierre-Yves Moix and Dr Stephan Müller, have joined the Group to enhance GAM’s existing liquid alternative risk premia solutions which are focused on institutional clients.

GAM has been managing portfolios of alternatives and investing in liquid quantitative strategies for clients for over 25 years. The GAM AIS alternative risk premia approach provides actively managed portfolios that aim to deliver liquid absolute returns with low correlation to traditional assets over the long term, all with full transparency and fee simplicity.

Commenting on the appointment, Alexander S. Friedman, Group CEO of GAM Holding AG said: “As an active investment manager, the Group has been a pioneer in identifying and developing quality alternative investment solutions and teams. With the addition of these three well-regarded investment professionals, each with more than 15 years of experience, we deepen our commitment to liquid quantitative solutions and ensure we continue to be at the investment forefront.”

David Smith, Chief Investment Officer of GAM AIS said: “GAM has developed a robust approach to investing in liquid alternative risk premia for our clients. We have seen strong demand from institutional clients for risk premia solutions that complement their existing traditional and alternative investment exposures. Now, we are excited to welcome Dr Lars Jaeger, Dr Pierre-Yves Moix and Dr Stephan Müller to the team. Their experience and knowledge in research and implementing investment portfolios will broaden and deepen our current quantitative investing skill set and our portfolio construction capabilities.”

Dr Lars Jaeger said: “We are delighted to join the GAM AIS team to bring our decades of skills and experience in researching and managing liquid alternatives to GAM’s approach to risk premia investing.”

CV of Dr Lars Jaeger

Before joining GAM, Dr Lars Jaeger was the founding partner and Chief Executive Officer of Alternative Beta Partners AG, which spun out of Partners Group Holding AG in early 2010. Lars started at Partners Group in January 2002 as the initiator of the alternative beta efforts. Prior to joining Partners Group, he co-founded and was a partner of saisGroup, a hedge funds asset management firm established by the former alternative investment strategies team at Credit Suisse Asset Management (CSAM), where he was responsible for risk management.

He holds a doctorate degree in theoretical physics from the Max-Planck Institute for Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, and a master's degree in physics from the University of Bonn, the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Financial Risk Manager (FRM) designations. He is the author of several leading hedge fund publications including the books “Alternative Beta Strategies and Hedge Fund Replication” and “Through the Alpha Smoke Screens”.

CV of Dr Pierre-Yves Moix

Before joining GAM, Dr Pierre-Yves Moix was responsible for leading the asset allocation of Alternative Beta Partners AG. Prior to this he was Chief Risk Officer of Man Investments from 2007 to 2012 and management member of RMF Investment Management from 2002. He joined RMF as a quantitative 2/3 analyst in 2000 and was responsible for the set-up and management of the quantitative analysis team, followed by the building and leading RMF’s risk management unit.

Dr Pierre-Yves Moix received his degree and Ph.D. in economics from the University of St. Gallen, and holds a Master’s degree in statistics from the University of Neuchâtel. He is a CFA charterholder and a Financial Risk Manager (FRM). He also authored the book “The Measurement of Market Risk”.

CV of Dr Stephan Müller

Before joining GAM, Dr Stephan Müller was the portfolio manager at Alternative Beta Partners AG. Previously, he worked at Partners Group as a member of the alternative beta strategies team. There, he was responsible for alternative investment research and portfolio management and was also a member of the absolute return strategies investment committee. Prior to joining Partners Group, he worked for Vescore Solutions AG, a quantitative asset manager.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from the University of Hagen, a master’s degree in economics from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) as well as a doctorate from the department of mathematics and statistics at the University of St. Gallen (HSG).