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Press Release

Sunday, September 12, 2010

GAM launches GAM Star Absolute Global Emerging Markets

GAM, who has one of the broadest ranges of UCITS III products in the marketplace, has brought its successful emerging market equity long/short strategy onshore for the first time.

The new, daily dealing fund will invest in emerging markets with a particular focus on the core BRIC economies and ‘new BRIC’ markets including Turkey, GCC, Indonesia, Egypt and other African and ASEAN economies.

GAM Star Absolute Global Emerging Markets will be managed by inhouse Investment Director, Sean Taylor, who has over 18 years’ experience managing emerging market equity funds. Having lived and worked in key geographies, including Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, Sean has established valuable networks with companies, brokers and the fund management community. This considerable experience and longevity in key regions has given Sean a unique blend of global, local and sector viewpoints.

Sean Taylor said: ‘We believe that emerging markets offer prospects for relatively higher returns and growth rates in the medium-term as the valuation gap versus developed markets closes. We have seen significant structural improvements as economic reforms and disciplined capital allocation have created improved returns and profitability. Economically, emerging nations are in the driving seat, benefiting from large flows into emerging market debt which we believe will transfer across to equity markets as risk decreases.’

The portfolio will pursue a high-conviction strategy, paying little attention to benchmark weightings. Sean has a thematic approach to investing, combining top-down global, regional and local perspectives with bottom-up fundamental company analysis. The fund will be allocated across three core themes; structural and domestic plays, cyclical ideas and new emerging market opportunities.