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Cerys Sprent

October 2020

1. Brief job description:

My trainee year included a rotational job through the finance team, where I worked with accounts payable, accounts receivable, treasury and cash team and the management accounts. I was also able to spend some time in the group business finance team to learn more about financial analysis and budgeting.

2. What were your main responsibilities?

My responsibilities were very varied because I rotated through the different of areas of finance which allowed me to experience a little bit of everything and learn the processes of how the finances are managed. I spent quite a bit of time with accounts payable, entering invoices and issuing the payments. 

3. Did you have any projects to work on?

I didn’t specifically have any projects to work on because the tasks I would usually complete would need to be completed on either a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

4. Day in the life – what does your day look like?

My day highly depended upon what specific area of finance I was working with during my training year. However, now my day consists of checking all of the bank accounts and daily statements and updating the cash book. Communication with the team is vital to ensure everything is settled and posted to accounts. Month end is a much busier time with more tasks needed to be completed during this period.

5. What skills have you learnt, or improved on (department specific, personal, technical etc)?

Whilst working at GAM for the past year I have been able to learn and develop a range of skills. Excel skills have been vital whilst working in finance and I’ve been able to improve these through training and practice. I have been able to become more confident in understanding jargon used and analysis of finances.

6. Did you take any qualifications?

I started to study and take my CIMA qualifications, which I wish to continue.

7. Do you have any further learnings or reflections, including adapting to the “remote working” environment?  

The working environment has allowed me to develop as person and build confidence both in myself and my abilities.

Adapting to the remote working was difficult to start with because it made learning and training not as easy as in person in the office space. However, we’ve all managed to adapt to this new way of working and it has allowed me to manage my time more efficiently.

8. What are you moving onto next?  Has this year inspired your future outlook or decisions?

I will be staying at GAM as finance assistant with my main responsibilities being the banks and the cash book. This year has helped me to gain a greater understanding of the job roles within finance and has inspired me to make the decision to continue my studies for the CIMA qualification.

9. Can you summarise your experience?

My I2020 experience at GAM has allowed me to experience, achieve and learn so many things. The introduction to the working world straight from school was a massive jump and learning curve but I felt like I was highly supported throughout, within my team and the industry. GAM as a whole and my team have encouraged me to continue to learn and develop within the industry and finance specific area.