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De Volksbank: Greening the residential housing market

We recently purchased a green bond from De Volksbank, the proceeds of which are fully allocated to residential green mortgages in the Netherlands.

23 January 2022

The bond helps fund mortgages for residential properties in the top energy efficiency category - an energy label of “A” (19% of all residential properties in the Netherlands). Green mortgages support individuals in reducing their carbon footprint, as well as greening the residential housing market.

De Volksbank has financed 35,268 mortgaged loans worth EUR 7.8 billion. As a result of these green mortgages, an estimated 94,670 tons, or 13 tons per EUR million, of CO2 emissions will be avoided per annum, equivalent to 70,000 km driven in the Netherlands.

As part of De Volksbank’s sustainability strategy, the lender is targeting a “climate-neutral” balance sheet by 2030, taking into account the emissions from its mortgage lending and investing in projects with a positive environmental impact, such as green bonds and renewable energy. Among the green products offered by De Volksbank are green mortgages (providing discounted interest rates) and sustainability loans for insulation or solar panels.

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Romain Miginiac

Fund Manager & Head of Research at Atlanticomnium SA
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