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Andrea Quapp

Andrea Quapp - Investment Director, Head of GAM Investment Solutions

Andrea Quapp, Investment Director, is the head of GAM Investment Solutions.
She is the Lead Manager of segregated accounts and funds primarily for European and Swiss institutional clients. She joined GAM in 2001, as Head of European Equities. In 2004 she became responsible for the management of International balanced and later on Swiss portfolios. Prior to joining GAM, she worked at UBS Global Asset Management for almost 16 years were she held various positions (senior portfolio manager for European and Swiss equities, head teams since 1994 and member of the continental European Equity allocation committee etc.) Andrea Quapp holds a Swiss commercial diploma. She is based in Zurich.
Andrea Quapp

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Investment Opinions
Take some wins, hold your nerve and sail close to the wind
19 March 2024

Andrea Quapp, Investment Director for Multi Asset Class Solutions (MACS) Continental Europe, recommends that investors have more confidence in the strength and dynamism of the leading economies and utilise this for equity investments. However, geopolitical conflicts, delayed interest rate cuts and a shortage of skilled labour will always put the brakes on stock markets.

Investment Opinions
The Swiss franc and what it means for asset allocation
14 December 2023

Investors who calculate in Swiss francs need to think about certain things differently, says Andrea Quapp, Lead Investment Director, Multi-Asset Class Solutions (MACS), Continental Europe.

Outlook 2024
Outlook 2024: Andrea Quapp (Multi Asset Solutions - Continental Europe)
December 2023

Multi-Asset – Challenges and opportunities

Investment Opinions
Better than the headlines – but caution is still advised
01 November 2023

Andrea Quapp, Investment Director for Multi Asset Class Solutions (MACS) Continental Europe, advises investors to look through the impact of a flood of negative news flow, including the tragic events in the Middle East and Ukraine. While people are understandably unsettled, she believes they are also overestimating the impact on the macroeconomy.

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Active Thinking

03:02 min watch

Multi Asset Solutions Central Europe - Andrea Quapp
19 October 2023

Andrea Quapp highlights the fact both stocks and bonds are currently attractively rated, which is presenting her with asset allocation opportunities. She also mentions the importance of innovations such as artificial intelligence and, specifically for Switzerland, the appeal of the Swiss real estate market.