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News and Views - January Newsletter


2021 presents opportunities from the fallout from the difficult times we experienced last year; there will be some significant pent-up demand.
Rob Bailey, Head of UK Wholesale Distribution


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Featured Strategy: European Equities

GAM Star European Equity seeks to deliver attractive, risk-adjusted returns through active, unconstrained investment in a large, liquid universe of pan- European stocks. GAM’s European Equity team, led by Niall Gallagher, uses a high conviction approach to invest in a concentrated portfolio of 30-40 companies that it believes will generate superior long-term returns and allocate shareholders’ capital intelligently.

Niall Gallagher
Investment Director
Christopher Sellers
Investment Manager
Chris Legg
Investment Manager


Exposure to structural change

Powerful global trends, such as the rise of the Asian middle class, the commerce switch from offline to online and decarbonisation, are impacting worldwide markets, with such trends underpinning and impacting the select stocks in the team’s highly concentrated portfolio.

EM exposure

Select European companies offer strong EM growth but with developed market corporate governance and cost of capital.>50% of the revenues of listed European equity markets are derived from outside of Europe, with EM economies contributing almost as much revenue to European equities as European countries.

Global leaders

European equities offers unique exposure to global leaders in many areas, such as luxury, technology, premium spirits and brands, selected healthcare and green technology & green leaders.


European companies are enabling cost-efficient delivery of global public policy objectives. Furthermore, investors can access the ‘socially responsible’ theme through European luxury goods companies, which are increasingly responding to growing awareness among younger consumers with sustainable strategies and partnerships.

Niall Gallagher is an Investment Director responsible for the management of European equity funds at GAM Investments.

Seeking out ‘stock-specific’ alpha in European Equities

Covid-19 continues to supercharge structural shifts across multiple sectors, resulting in polarisation between winners and losers. GAM Investments’ Amanda Lyons, Niall Gallagher and Ali Miremadi review an extraordinary year of change and discuss the importance of selectivity in equity markets as we move into 2021.


GAM has a wealth of insightful thought provoking events. Keep an eye on the events section below, in order to register for the 2021 events we have in the pipeline, or even to catch up on previous events you may have missed.


Our investment specialists are among the brightest minds in the industry. Please click on the insights below to learn more about their views on markets and asset classes.

Active Thinking
Active Thinking: Keeping our AIs on the prize
08 July 2024

Amid ongoing investor fervour for artificial intelligence (AI) stocks, Wendy Chen discusses her key takeaways from the COMPUTEX Taipei IT trade show, and shares her take on how the latest tech developments square with elevated valuations across the sector.

Investment Blog
Labour wins landslide victory in UK election
5 July 2024

As expected, the new centre-left government replaces the Conservatives after 14 years in office.

Investment Opinions
Euro SMIDs - Are they unusually cheap versus the rest of the market?
04 July 2024

With many of the market’s biggest names powering the rally in European equities, there has been much talk over recent weeks about whether European small and mid-caps look cheap compared to their large peers. Niall Gallagher analyses the long-term structural factors at play, suggesting that, while SMIDs are attractively valued, they really are no cheaper than their larger counterparts.

Active Thinking
Active Thinking: What the Swiss interest rate cut could mean
03 July 2024

GAM Investments’ Daniel Häuselmann discusses the Swiss National Bank's recent interest rate cut, its likely impact on the Swiss franc and the implications for Swiss equities.

Investment Blog
US PCE inflation cools as expected
28 June 2024

But firm spending on goods like software and autos raises doubts that the inflation battle has yet been won.

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