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GAM Systematic

About Systematic

GAM Systematic is a rules-based quantitative investment manager.

We apply innovative scientific techniques to invest systematically across asset classes and investment styles within our Core Macro and Commodity capabilities.

Potential source of uncorrelated returns with unwavering risk management

Systematic rules-based investing, when implemented in a robust environment, can be a source of diversification across asset classes and investment styles. It offers investment style diversification away from fundamentals-focused discretionary approaches as well as away from passive approaches. Systematic approaches typically do not rely solely on fundamental (e.g. growth-focused) data but also consider technical price data and newer alternative data sets such as news, weather and shipping information. This diversification of input data can help systematic approaches deliver performance even when fundamentals (e.g. economic growth rates) are challenged or are not driving asset prices. Risk management in systematic funds is not left to the discretion of the trader or analyst, but rather is coded as unwavering exposure management rules. This helps systematic investing have a well-defined and contained risk profile.

1 million +

lines of our proprietary code

400 +

components that make up our proprietary unified risk management and trading system

Investment Strategies and Solutions

Our investment strategies are fully systematic, with dedicated teams in Cambridge and London. Our highly experienced investment team conducts rigorous scientific research to create strategies that identify and harvest multiple sources of returns uncorrelated to traditional asset classes.

Core Macro

GAM Systematic Core Macro is a diversified global macro fund investing in liquid instruments across asset classes with the objective of delivering returns not correlated to equities and bonds in the long term, and with the potential to perform positively in a sustained bear market. By combining multiple strategies grouped around two return sources - Trend and Value/Carry - the portfolio aims to capture uncorrelated alpha, to deliver attractive, risk-adjusted returns.

GAM Commodity

GAM Commodity aims to offer an enhanced commodity exposure by combining cost efficient access to core macro strategies and long only commodities. Through its use of diversified commodities strategies, the portfolio seeks to outperform a long only commodity exposure whilst the overall portfolio targets Sharpe ratio improvement versus the benchmark. A systematic approach allows for a highly structured, repeatable process that minimises human trading or behavioural biases. Sophisticated proprietary tools and trading systems enable access to high-class quantitative technology.

Customised Solutions

GAM Systematic’s sophisticated and flexible technological platform allows us to develop and manage customised solutions for all of our strategies. Our solutions are tailored to each client to fit within their specific investment strategy whilst meeting their investment objectives and constraints at the same time. 

Cambridge Connection

We are located in Cambridge, the UK's 'Silicon Fen'.

Along with its world-class university, Cambridge is a global innovation and technology hub, giving us access to some of the brightest minds in the world.  The majority of the team come from academic backgrounds such as engineering, astrophysics, statistics, computer science and other quantitative disciplines, many of whom studied at Cambridge.

Our close links to, and constant dialogue with, Cambridge academia help us apply cutting-edge academic theories to financial markets.

This relationship was established by the founding partners of Cantab Capital Partners LLP, which was named GAM Systematic Cambridge following its acquisition by GAM Investments. 

Cantab capital institute for the mathematics of information

Prior to its acquisition by GAM Investments in 2016, the founding partners at Cantab made a philanthropic donation to the University of Cambridge. The University in turn used the money to establish the Cantab Capital Institute for the Mathematics of Information. The Institute sits within Cambridge University’s Faculty of Mathematics and aims to galvanise and accelerate progress in data science and its applications. Bringing together some of the world’s leading researchers in various disciplines, the Institute draws on fundamental techniques from mathematical sciences to tackle head on the challenge of deciphering meaning in the reams of data which surround us thus aiding students in progressing their skills of data analytics.

Further information about the Institute is available here:

Active Thinking Video

GAM Systematic’s Dr Chris Longworth and Guglielmo Mazzola highlight bond sell offs and a commodities rally as significant market events, and note that systematic investment approaches can help provide investors with much-needed diversification for their portfolios.

As systematic investors, one of the things that we are very focused on is the amount of diversification that's available through the markets that we trade.

Insights and Thought Leadership

Investment Opinions
What can LLMs offer the Systematic Manager?
21 December 2023

L-L-Mentary, my dear Watson– GAM Systematic’s Chris Longworth discusses the rise of Large Language Models in the investment world, their strengths and limitations, and assesses how systematic managers can maximise the opportunities they present.

Outlook 2024
Outlook 2024: Systematic Core Macro
December 2023

Systematic Core Macro – Reacting incrementally to changes in market conditions while dynamically managing risk

Investment Opinions
Why small data is the new big data
07 December 2022

GAM Systematic’s Chris Longworth and Silvia Stanescu discuss the prevalence of small data problems in finance, how to identify them, as well as some of the approaches that can be applied to address them.


Dr Chris Longworth
Head of GAM Systematic
Guglielmo Mazzola
Head of Systematic Investment Specialists

Our Scientists

Rigorous scientific research

Our investment philosophy and process is based on rigorous scientific research to create systematic strategies that identify and harvest numerous sources of returns. Our strong infrastructure and proprietary technology allow us to run multiple models, creating effective diversification through different asset classes and market regimes. Our systems and data quality enables extremely efficient and high-quality trade execution.

GAM Systematic

At any one time approximately half the GAM Systematic team are engaged in research and development, with a view to further enhancing the strategies. When recruiting the team deliberately focuses on attracting top scientists, rather than predominantly investment managers. This results in diversity of thought and a broad range of experience from various fields and disciplines. This enables GAM Systematic to think differently and ultimately to build portfolios for clients which are differentiated from and which have limited correlation to major systematic indices as well as to major competitors in this space. The team has a diverse skill set, with the common denominator being academic excellence and collegial team spirit.

Farida Mustafazade
Senior Scientist, GAM Systematic
Dr Louie Cardone-Noott
Scientist, GAM Systematic
Danny Dhingra
Investment Manager, GAM Systematic
Chris Wilson
Senior Scientist, GAM Systematic

Join us

The Success

Our technology, innovation and team have earned us a fantastic reputation across the industry, and we now have some of the most sophisticated and prestigious investors as clients.

Getting Involved

We have a flat hierarchy, and have a weekly research meeting where we discuss ideas and hear what everyone has been working on. Our collegial structure means that you can be involved across the board and will have a chance to experience all markets and strategies, work with colleagues from different parts of the globe and develop your own skillset.

Your Future

Our approach, and the way we think about things, means that we need people with strong statistical and programming skills. We hire people from a range of scientific disciplines, and they don't need to have previous financial experience.

If you think you'd be a good fit, please have a look at our current vacancies. We look forward to hearing from you.


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