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Rahul Mathur

Rahul Mathur - Portfolio Manager, Investcorp-Tages

Rahul Mathur è un portfolio manager della strategia Global Rates a Investcorp-Tages.

Nel 2024 GAM ha sottoscritto un accordo di partnership con Investcorp-Tages (“IVCT”) per cui Rahul e il team di investimento della strategia Global Rates di GAM sono entrati a far parte di IVCT ma continueranno a gestire la strategia per conto di GAM come gestore degli investimenti delegato.

Rahul Mathur è entrato nel team Global Rates di GAM nel 2010. Prima di entrare a far parte di GAM ha lavorato come analista fondi per Tarchon Capital Management. Ha conseguito una laurea specialistica in economia presso l’Università di Cambridge e la certificazione CAIA. Opera dalla sede di Londra.

Rahul Mathur


Active Thinking
Active Thinking
01 March 2023

At GAM Investments’ latest Active Thinking forum, David Dowsett and Rahul Mathur discuss recent choppy market behaviour, the future path for rates, as well as the markets that could provide tactical opportunities. Wendy Chen explores the key factors shaping investor sentiment towards China and outlines four sectors she is watching closely.

Active Thinking
Active Thinking
01 November 2021

At GAM Investments’ latest Active Thinking Forum, two of our brightest investment minds discussed the growth outlook for emerging economies and commented on central bank policy in developed markets.

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15 September 2020

GAM’s Rahul Mathur discusses his background in fixed income and shares his thoughts on currency and Covid-19’s effects on the global economy.